Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you seriously want to make money online

If you seriously want to make money online, you must have the knowledge and skills to make sure you succeed in it. The knowledge of Google Adsense and affiliate marketing is the basic skill you need to master in order to make money online. If you are planning to sell products online, then the skills to advertise online is a must too.

No doubt, the easiest way to make money online is from blog. To make money from blog, you first need to decide how and where you want your blog to operate from.
There are 2 ways you can manage your blog. One is through free hosting, where you blog is hosted with big companies like Blogger, Wordpress or other free blog platforms.

With free hosting, you do not have to pay for domain names nor the monthly hosting fee. The downside of this is you don't always get the domain name you wish for, as the domain name will consist the name of the blog company, for example,, or On top of that, you don't own the blog, the blog is of full ownership of the blog company and they have the full control over your blog. They can literally shut you down whenever they wish without having to explain to you.

It is always recommended to self-hosting your blog if you are serious in making money online. However, there are few guidelines to follow before choosing a web hosting company. First of all, you want to make sure that the hosting company offers MySQL database, this is vital to run the Wordpress blog. Next is the availability of Wordpress blog software. Wordpress is preferred over other software as it is the easiest and most flexible blogging software that allows you to customize, plus there are tons of free plugins available for Wordpress blog for you to optimize you blog.

Now, lets come back to the ways of making money from blog. To make Adsense money, you need to first register a free account with Google Adsense. Go to and sign up a new account. Follow the instructions given and complete the registration within minutes.

Once you are done, you will be able to generate the Ads code. Paste the code on the strategic locations of your blog and start making money whenever people clicks on the ads. You get paid per click; your visitors do not have to purchase anything. Just a click, you'll get paid.

The strategic locations to place your Google ads are the sidebar, and bottom of each blog post. Some have greater success with ads placed below the post title, before you begin the content of the particular post. Try to customize the layout of the ads to match the look and feel of your blog. You don't have worry about what kinds of ads get displayed on your blog; Google will determine the set of ads to show based on the content and keywords used in your blog.

Besides making money from Google Adsense, you can also offer affiliate products on your blog. You help to promote other people's products by directing the potential customers to the vendor's website. When the sale is done, you get a commission. This is called pay per sale. Commission is always higher with digital products. The rate can go as high as 75% for promoting digital products as compared to physical products.
Clickbank offers various digital products for affiliate marketing. Simply log on to and register as an affiliate. Go to Clickbank market place to search for products to sell from your blog.

Most vendors offer promotional tools like banner ads, email marketing, text links that help you to promote the products. You can either place the banner ads or links on your blog, or write a review about the product and post it on your blog.

However you need to remember one thing, you need to have total control over your blog in order to make money online. You must be able to edit the html files of various components of your blog like stylesheet, header, footer, etc. So, if you are serious about making money online, get a self-hosted blog. Buy a domain name of your choice and get hosted with reliable web hosting company like

The above are just 2 simple ways to make money from blog. There are other ways to maximize the online income from blog. Once you have master the basic and skills to money blogging and traffic generation techniques, you will find your blog doing wonder$ that just a plain website.

Rob Benwell was just like you back in year 2005, struggling to make money online. He dropped out from college and suffered bad debt. He wasted months trying and testing systems from the so-called Gurus. He's so frustrated with the results that he finally decided to throw away all the craps and went about his own way. It was not easy, though not impossible. After spending months, he was able to develop a simple way to make money blogging. Check out his Homepage to find out how he makes money online.