Monday, October 29, 2007

PayPal: How to Downgrade Your Business Account to Premier Account

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on the Contact Us link.

3. Go to Help by Email, click on the Contact Customer Service link.

4. In the Ask Your Question section:

Q1-Choose a Topic: Click once on My Account.

Q2-Choose a Subtopic: Don't click on the Changing Account Type, as whatever additional information you've provided in item 3, it will always say that 'According to our Record, you already have a Premier / Business account'.
So, click on Changing / Updating Account Information (remember to click once, not double-click).

Q3-Summarize your question in one sentence: Downgrade account type to Premier.

5. Click continue -- it will then show you some Help Topics based on the question / keywords that you have entered in item 3 previously.

6. Scroll down to the end of the Help Topics provided, there you will see 'Still don't have the answer to your question, please fill up the form below'.

7. So, you provide whatever additional information in the form, say ' I have a Business account, but I prefer to use a Premier account. Please change / downgrade my account to a Premier account.' Then click submit.

8. Voila! You are done now and wait for Paypal's reply.

PayPal's Reply

It took about 3 working days for Paypal to respond for the above enquiry.

Below is the reply from Paypal Support Team:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. I am
happy to assist you.

Understand you would like to downgrade your Business Account to Premier

I am pleased to inform you that now the downgrade has been completed as
requested. Please log into your PayPal account and have a check.

Thanks again for contacting us, and thank you for being part of the
PayPal community.

Should you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
us. We are always ready to help you out.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Creating Your First Responsive List

Generating traffic to your site is only half of the milestone found for generating sales. The other half lies in building a house list of prospects that repeatedly visit your site for one reason or the other. There is no use only having a large list of prospects; it is necessary for your members to be responsive too.

The first thing that has to be done to create a responsive list is to build a website, sub domain or page from your main site that is dedicated to collecting email addresses of visitors to your site for your following up. In fact, it is easier to create a responsive list using this method than by any other methods. When creating this site, add some testimonials if possible, and some samples of your work. You could also add a reminder for book marking your site so that the subscriber can forward your publication to a friend. A freebie would be beneficial here too.

However, don't place too much focus on the freebies you are offering; it is important to focus on the content of the site, so as to have a large number of members in your responsive list. With too much emphasis on freebies, you will interest only those interested in receiving freebies, and not in your product. Remember, you are building this responsive list to generate lists of people more interested in your product, and not the freebie.

One of the best means of making people become a member of your responsive list would be by offering them an article series, an additional bonus or a course each mailing, with some glimpses of what is to come in the next part. This way, they will join your responsive list with the curiosity of finding out what will happen next. Invite your subscribers to your responsive list to have some interaction with you and other subscribers. You could let them provide feedback about your product or services through replies, questions and advice. With this participation, they are sure to have an increased interest in reading about the feedback. If required, you could also involve subscribers through group chats, polls and forums.

When creating your responsive list, it is important that your mailing reaches the subscribers of the responsive list. Otherwise neither you nor the recipient will benefit by the responsive list. It will be better if you have an auto responder wherein you could send an un-subscribe response to the subscriber, with an invitation to re-subscribe to a new email address.

Remember, the three main points to remember when creating a responsive list is to build rapport with your subscribers, to create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation in the subscriber and to expand your line of products as much as possible. Coming out with something new every few weeks for the subscribers to buy will give them a reason to respond to your mail. Provide the subscribers with something to buy or do, over and over again, and voila, you have the best responsive list ever!

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5 Lazy and Cost effective ways to build list FAST:

1. Pay Per Click

2. $7 Script

3. Co-Registration

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5. EBay Auction

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My UYMG Experience

Subconscious Mind

There were 2 visualization sessions held in this UYMG event by 2 different speakers, Inanna Lawton and Melissa Heweton. From these visualization, I found that my subconscious mind is not ready for what I wish to achieve. There is a small voice, a very small voice that not even myself can hear it, keep telling me that it's not easy, it's not going to happen. How could this be? I want it so badly in my conscious mind, why isn't my subconscious mind 'sync' or just 'listen' and 'follow' my conscious mind?

Later I found out that, it's my own self. I don't believe in myself. I am not confident enough with myself. I don't believe in myself achieving success, earning millions of dollars. I have the attitude of ' just TRY it' - just try and see, maybe it works. I think everyone of us have to get rid of this terrible vocab 'TRY'. 'Trying' gives us options - you make it and you don't - Success of Failure. We don't want options here, we want SUCCESS - we have to do it with full force - do or die kind of attitude.

Before this, I don't really believe in the power of subconscious mind. But now, it totally changes my view. The power of one's subconscious mind can determine one's success.

To Do list vs. Desired Outcome list

I believe many of you have the same practice as I do, list down all the to-do things for the day and do it one after another. Life's been hectic nowadays, people tend to get forgetful, with this checklist around, it helps us to monitor our productivity. But then, there is one thing I overlook --- yes with this list, it does make sure I accomplish what I should for the day, but how it was done clearly is not an issue here. -- This is where the problem lies.

As compared to the Desired Outcome list, you write down all the end results that you wanted to achieve and the dateline by when you expect to achieve those outcomes. This is not something new to me, why didn't I practise in my internet ventures, strange enough huh.. When I try to reflect, I realize I have been practising this day-in day-out in my full-time employment. Whenever there is a new project, as usual I will project and list down all the desired end results and its dateline. From there, I work backward to achieve what is desired. This is exactly what is called Desired Outcome List, but I am not doing this for my own business... how could this be, am I not treating my business seriously?

So, I determine to change my mindset and attitude, I have to treat my business like a business, not a spare-time hobby. I have to invest time in it, day after day, no more excuses. For things to change, I must first change.

Multitasking ruins your business

Assuming you need 30 days to complete 1 project. If you start 4 projects at the same time, after 30 days, you only managed to finish 25% of each of the 4 projects. No money comes in after 30 days. After 60 days, each of the project is now 50% completed, you don't see money yet after 60 days. After 90 days passed, the projects are now 75% completed, and yet to bring in any revenue. You guess what, before you completed all the projects, you might have new idea and start project 5 and this never ends here. New ideas keep coming your way, and you keep starting new projects before seeing any money.

The lesson here is always focus on ONE project at a time. When Project 1 is completed, you start another project. By this time, you can see money starts coming in from Project 1 - after 30 days. When Project 2 is completed and you start Project 3, you then see revenues from both Project 1 and Project 2 after these 60 days. And this works so forth. This means you start earning money after 30 days as compared to multitasking, you don't even smell the money after 90 days. See? Get how it works here?


As I have mentioned before there were 2 visualization sessions by 2 different speakers - Inanna Lawton and Melissa Heweton. Both of them were good, but Inanna's visualization session touched me the most emotionally. This was my first taste of visualization. When the speaker told us to close our eyes and start focusing on our breathing, I felt myself slowly went into meditation level, which were hard for me to achieve all these while previously. I felt myself being calm and started to visualize what was being told by the speaker. I saw a wolf, a medium-sized wolf, running tamely with me, but when the speaker asking us to look into the eyes of the wolf, the image became blur. I can't see clearly the eyes of the wolf. When the session was about to end, we were told to open our eyes, and the speaker continued to show us the presentation slides. There was this last slide, I got so connected emotionally with the wolf on the slide. When I looked into the eyes of the wolf, I felt like crying without knowing why. The stare of the wolf seemed to tell me 'Don't worry, I'm here with you. I know you can do it, just keep going. I'm always here for you'. Imagine the emotion that I felt by just staring at the picture of the wolf and looking into its eyes. I got shocked by this amazing feeling but it's really a meaningful experience for me. It meant so much to me. According to the speaker, wolf is a metaphor for motivation and protection.

Who is Jaz Lai

I have very high expectation on the last day of the event, I thought Stephen will share lots of traffic generation techniques with us in the last day, but turned out not likely. But there was this one young guy, named Jaz Lai, a Singaporean, shared lots of list building methods - cost effective ways of building 5-figure list. Jaz Lai, who is he? I had never heard of him before. But when he started to present, I got so impressed. This ex-fashion designer understood well that where we are coming from, he himself also started from ground. He explained the very reason and objective behind each method he uses to build the list and the step-by-step plan on how to do it. I gained a lot from his merely 2-hour 'rushy' presentation and his presentation slides were so informative that we couldn't finished copied. Jaz is very good teacher indeed. I think when I'm ready to invest for another Internet Marketing course, Jaz Lai will be the one to consider first.

The last day ended unexpectedly early without Stephen Pierce's presentation, sadly to say. Stephen went up to stage and spoke in the interim period between each of the invited speakers. I was expecting to see him presents like other speakers. He did share with us various ways of generating traffic to your website or blog, but I think that's not enough, I want more, and I believe other participants think the same too.

UYMG - Unleash Your Marketing Genius 2007, KL Convention Center

UYMG - an event by a top Internet Marketing Guru - Stephen Pierce.

This is my first time attending UYMG, it was really grand with total participants of 650. Almost everyone was carrying a laptop, looks like it gonna be a real hands-on workshop. But I wonder, with this big crowd of people, how hands-on is it going to be? I keep my mind open, and tell myself, doesn't matter, i can share laptop with my neighbours, left and right neighbours. Or i can have them jotted down, and try it when I get home.

In this 4-day event, I learned a lot from top speakers like Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime, Greg Cesar, Dave Lakhani, Chris Guerriero, Inanna Lawton, Jason Tan, Melissa Heweton, Patric Chan, Sandhan, Jaz Lai, just to name a few. They are all great and inspiring especially our Malaysian fellows - Jason Tan and Patric Chan.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday Celebration turned into UYMG

It was on 27-Sep, a day before my dearest hubby's birthday. I received a call from hubby in the late evening that turned our celebration plan into something unexpected -- UYMG.

He told me, 'Honey I have a surprise gift for you. You know what, San, my SQC partner is now in China and she is not able to attend the UYMG, organized by top Internet Marketing Guru - Stephen Pierce. She is willing to give us the ticket for F.REE and the event is on this Weekend, from Friday 1pm to next Monday 8pm.'

Then I said, 'What? Are you serious? How much is the ticket? She is willing to give us the ticket for F.REE ?? How about laptop, UYMG is kind of hands-on seminar / workshop, right? We don't have one, how? ....'

You know what, my feeling at that point was like surprise, excited, bit of disappointed, confused...

SURPRISE for not believing that I can go to UYMG for F.REE. UYMG usually charged for RM2000

EXCITED for being able to attend a seminar by Stephen Pierce - a top internet marketing guru that also works on your mind and attitude.

DISAPPOINTED for not being able to celebrate my hubby's birthday, which we have planned earlier.

CONFUSED for being indecisive of whether to go or not to go, as I was very tired in this whole week (women's week of the month).

Anyhow, we eventually agreed not to miss the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity, I filled up the leave application form for both friday and monday.
Both of us looking forward to this event, eventhough we don't have a laptop. I guess my hubby was the one most excited although he was not the one going.. ha.. ha..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Patric Chan Just Followed These 5 Steps

Today, I received an email from Patric Chan - Malaysia's Top Internet Marketer & World Class Speaker.

Patric revealed to me the 5 steps he uses to build a profitable internet business right away. I guess Patric would not mind sharing his internet marketing success secrets with everyone out there.

Step 1:
Identify your market and research the profitability of it.

Step 2:
Create an info-product to 'feed' the market's demand.

Step 3:
Setup your web page to sell your product and take order while you sleep (or awake).

Step 4:
Prepare your email follow-ups for those prospects that did not buy on the spot so that you can semi-autopilot your business.

Step 5:
Drive traffic to your webpage and convert it into sales.

Now, there's actually a step 6...
which is growing or improving your internet business once you started making money.

Then you can spend the money the way you like. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk is a former participant in World Internet Summit. She is now making handsome income from internet marketing. She was invited to give a live testimonial in the World Internet Mega Summit held in Singapore 2007. You can watch her live testimonial video in the previous post.

Tracy had also shared her success story in internet marketing:

1. Register a Domain name and put up a website without any product to sell.

2. Create an Opt-in page to capture names and email addresses. This is to build a targeted list.

3. Whoever leaves their name and email address will get a free report: 7 Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed, which was taught by Brett McFall in her previous WIS event.

4. Submit 10 articles to article directories. These are short articles with around 300 words per article. And in every article, she leaves a back link to her website.

5. In matter of weeks, she managed to build a list of 3000 subscribers.

6. She has also created Signature links to her website on all outbound emails. This brings in more traffic to her website.

7. She interviewed an expert by tele-conferencing, and got it recorded in audio format. She now has a product.

8. She get the audio recording transcribed into read format. This become her second product.

9. She offers these products to her subscribers by sending them emails.

10. She then creates a blog to teach people the step-by-step guide to internet marketing success, it is kind of 31-day road map.

11. She got feedback from her blog reader, asking on how to create a landing page. She did it for him and charged $5497 for a landing page.

12. She got great positive response on her blog, she decided to turn it into a physical book. She went from starting to write the book, to have it becoming an Amazon bestseller in 58 days. That's amazing.

13. This book is now sold on Amazon, and becomes one of the bestseller.

14. There is no ebook version for 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing miracles available yet. Tracy, out of her goodwill, did a special limited ebook release for World Internet Summit Singapore attendees.

p/s: special thanks to Tracy Repchuk for her kind contribution of the fixes on the above post.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Internet Marketing Coaching by Fione Tan

#1 Internet Marketing 90 Days Coaching Program

I attended this Internet Marketing Coaching program in August 2007. This was the most expensive internet marketing course I ever attended in my life. It was a 2-day hands-on workshop from 9am to 8pm, held in eOneNet's office in Damansara Perdana, plus the 3-month internet marketing coaching. It is expensive, but I guess it is worthy if within the 3 months I can start making money from the internet, as told by the No.1 Internet Marketing Coach - Fione Tan.

There were a total of 12 students including myself in this internet marketing workshop. Some of them come from Johor Bahru, and some even from our neighboring country - Singapore. This was a real hands-on workshop where everyone of us has access to a laptop / desktop computer with internet connection for us to follow through every single step as shown by Fione.

We were given access to the member forum where it keeps all the notes and useful resources for us to reference from time to time. In this forum, we can also ask question via the online ticketing support system. This is a very good support system where everyone of us can actually trace back the questions and answers and its history. And the best part of this ticketing system is that it is private to myself and the coach, only 2 of us will have access to my questions and answers. You wouldn't want your peers or competitors-to-be to know what's in your mind, will you? I have to admit that though the response might take up 2 - 3 days, but most of the time, Fione is able to reply my questions even within the same day. I'm so grateful with her advice and suggestion. This definitely helps me a lot in cutting short the trial and error part.

There are also 3 online meetings, once-a-month kind of meeting between the Fione and us to discuss new trends and strategies. In the past 2 online meetings, Fione had shared with us other useful resources to help research the market, promote our business, keyword research and more, but sadly to say that these online meetings are not meant for us to share and help each other on the problems that we encountered. I was once got very frustrated with the shipping issue that I had with my supplier, and I tried to bring it out during the online meeting, it got stopped by Fione. I will think that the purpose of setting up online meeting is to provide a portal for the us, newbies to share and exchange information and experiences. If one could have solved the same problem by going through the tough way, why not sharing the experiences and the solutions with others. I guess many of my course mates felt the same too. With helpful and useful pointers, I believe the journey towards Internet business success will be much much easier and enjoyable.

I have been receiving weekly emails from Fione Tan day after I completed the 2-day internet marketing coaching workshop. These are the step-by-step action plans for the weeks, starts from finding niche market, keyword research, cost per click research, ways to generate targeted traffics and so forth. I found these emails to be very useful because they are like compass, showing me the correct direction right from the start towards my destination. I believe many of my peers have the same experience, where after we've completed an internet marketing seminar / workshop, we felt information overloaded, and we started to get lost, don't know how or where to start. I have this same experience every time I come out from the internet marketing seminars. I felt like wanted to start many things and wanted to try the many easy ways of making money online as claimed by those Internet Marketing gurus, but ended up doing nothing because I don't know where to start, how to start, what to do first, which one to do first. I don't have any clue on how to get started. But now, I feel totally different, I feel like I was being guided on what to do, and which comes first, all in proper manner, just like a kid being 'spoon-fed'. Now, I see myself slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I will be able to reach the end of the tunnel soon.

I am now working very hard on a handbag project. Fione's internet marketing course made me realize that selling physical product online is as feasible as selling digital product. Though I admit that, dealing with physical product, I have a lot more concerns, like managing the inventory and the shipping issue. But I don't let all these to stop me from venturing into the online business. I will start off with a physical product first, learned as much as possible from Fione and her technical team. 3 months is short, I have to maximize it. I believe if I can master all the tactics and techniques with physical product, then digital product to me is not an issue anymore. The handbag project I'm now working on is Beethoven Designer Handbag.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

World Internet Mega Summit Singapore May 2007 - Part II

Ewen Chia in World Internet Mega Summit Singapore shared with us the crucial factors to success in Online Business. He is the No. 1 Super Affiliate guru. He is a down-to-earth guy that willing to share every secret he has in making online business a success. Below are the list everyone of us must have in order to be successful in online business.

1. Proven system (road map) and a MENTOR

2. Love what you do

3. Focus on one thing at a time

4. Understand the business

5. Build up a strong foundation

6. Think like a marketer and think from customer's point of view

Ewen has also shared with us the tips on finding a profitable market:

1. Passion and interests

2. Hotselling topics like - love, money, beauty, sports, hobbies, self-help

3. Validate with what people are already buying in eBay, Amazon,

4. Validate with keyword research tools like

5. Drill down to a sub-market

Below are some of the tips and tricks I've learned from this valuable World Internet Mega Summit:

Tips for Pay Per Click Search Engine
1. No. 2 listing beats No. 1 listing

Customers don't buy the first time they come to your website, human nature makes them wanted to see other websites to make comparison, when they feel your offer is better or is the best, they will click the 2nd or even 3rd time to go back to your website and buy from you. In this case, it costs you 2 or 3 clicks to get 1 sale. Whereas if your ad placed on second position or even 3rd position, if your offer beats the first few advertisers, you will get the sale straight away. That means it costs 1 click to get 1 sale, which is a better proposition as compared to the previous case.

2. No. 40 listing beats No. 16 listing

Don't stay in the middle of the sponsored link listing, make your ad on either the top or the bottom.

Tips for Getting Responses with Email Marketing

1. Make an impact with every message that you send to your list

2. Don't exaggerate - just tell the blunt truth

3. Spend 5 minutes a day thinking about how you can be different

4. Keep emails short, and send them to a webpage

5 Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site

1. Write good content

Whatever your site is about, the content needs to be unique and / or specific enough to appeal to people

2. Write fresh content

Add new content regularly - this gives visitors a reason to come back

3. Don't waste time on meta tags

Most search engines don't place any great deal of value on the contents of meta tags anymore. They have been abused way too much by spammers.

4. Write descriptive page titles

Make page titles simple, yet descriptive and relevant. This makes it easier for search engines to know what each page is about.

5. Think about spelling

There are so many words that are commonly misspelled or with multiple spelling as in Colour vs. Color, Optimisation vs. Optimization. If words with multiple spellings or commonly misspelled are important keywords in your content - consider adding glossary or similar to include the most common spelling variations on the page.