Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday Celebration turned into UYMG

It was on 27-Sep, a day before my dearest hubby's birthday. I received a call from hubby in the late evening that turned our celebration plan into something unexpected -- UYMG.

He told me, 'Honey I have a surprise gift for you. You know what, San, my SQC partner is now in China and she is not able to attend the UYMG, organized by top Internet Marketing Guru - Stephen Pierce. She is willing to give us the ticket for F.REE and the event is on this Weekend, from Friday 1pm to next Monday 8pm.'

Then I said, 'What? Are you serious? How much is the ticket? She is willing to give us the ticket for F.REE ?? How about laptop, UYMG is kind of hands-on seminar / workshop, right? We don't have one, how? ....'

You know what, my feeling at that point was like surprise, excited, bit of disappointed, confused...

SURPRISE for not believing that I can go to UYMG for F.REE. UYMG usually charged for RM2000

EXCITED for being able to attend a seminar by Stephen Pierce - a top internet marketing guru that also works on your mind and attitude.

DISAPPOINTED for not being able to celebrate my hubby's birthday, which we have planned earlier.

CONFUSED for being indecisive of whether to go or not to go, as I was very tired in this whole week (women's week of the month).

Anyhow, we eventually agreed not to miss the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity, I filled up the leave application form for both friday and monday.
Both of us looking forward to this event, eventhough we don't have a laptop. I guess my hubby was the one most excited although he was not the one going.. ha.. ha..

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