Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Patric Chan Just Followed These 5 Steps

Today, I received an email from Patric Chan - Malaysia's Top Internet Marketer & World Class Speaker.

Patric revealed to me the 5 steps he uses to build a profitable internet business right away. I guess Patric would not mind sharing his internet marketing success secrets with everyone out there.

Step 1:
Identify your market and research the profitability of it.

Step 2:
Create an info-product to 'feed' the market's demand.

Step 3:
Setup your web page to sell your product and take order while you sleep (or awake).

Step 4:
Prepare your email follow-ups for those prospects that did not buy on the spot so that you can semi-autopilot your business.

Step 5:
Drive traffic to your webpage and convert it into sales.

Now, there's actually a step 6...
which is growing or improving your internet business once you started making money.

Then you can spend the money the way you like. :)

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