Thursday, October 11, 2007

My UYMG Experience

Subconscious Mind

There were 2 visualization sessions held in this UYMG event by 2 different speakers, Inanna Lawton and Melissa Heweton. From these visualization, I found that my subconscious mind is not ready for what I wish to achieve. There is a small voice, a very small voice that not even myself can hear it, keep telling me that it's not easy, it's not going to happen. How could this be? I want it so badly in my conscious mind, why isn't my subconscious mind 'sync' or just 'listen' and 'follow' my conscious mind?

Later I found out that, it's my own self. I don't believe in myself. I am not confident enough with myself. I don't believe in myself achieving success, earning millions of dollars. I have the attitude of ' just TRY it' - just try and see, maybe it works. I think everyone of us have to get rid of this terrible vocab 'TRY'. 'Trying' gives us options - you make it and you don't - Success of Failure. We don't want options here, we want SUCCESS - we have to do it with full force - do or die kind of attitude.

Before this, I don't really believe in the power of subconscious mind. But now, it totally changes my view. The power of one's subconscious mind can determine one's success.

To Do list vs. Desired Outcome list

I believe many of you have the same practice as I do, list down all the to-do things for the day and do it one after another. Life's been hectic nowadays, people tend to get forgetful, with this checklist around, it helps us to monitor our productivity. But then, there is one thing I overlook --- yes with this list, it does make sure I accomplish what I should for the day, but how it was done clearly is not an issue here. -- This is where the problem lies.

As compared to the Desired Outcome list, you write down all the end results that you wanted to achieve and the dateline by when you expect to achieve those outcomes. This is not something new to me, why didn't I practise in my internet ventures, strange enough huh.. When I try to reflect, I realize I have been practising this day-in day-out in my full-time employment. Whenever there is a new project, as usual I will project and list down all the desired end results and its dateline. From there, I work backward to achieve what is desired. This is exactly what is called Desired Outcome List, but I am not doing this for my own business... how could this be, am I not treating my business seriously?

So, I determine to change my mindset and attitude, I have to treat my business like a business, not a spare-time hobby. I have to invest time in it, day after day, no more excuses. For things to change, I must first change.

Multitasking ruins your business

Assuming you need 30 days to complete 1 project. If you start 4 projects at the same time, after 30 days, you only managed to finish 25% of each of the 4 projects. No money comes in after 30 days. After 60 days, each of the project is now 50% completed, you don't see money yet after 60 days. After 90 days passed, the projects are now 75% completed, and yet to bring in any revenue. You guess what, before you completed all the projects, you might have new idea and start project 5 and this never ends here. New ideas keep coming your way, and you keep starting new projects before seeing any money.

The lesson here is always focus on ONE project at a time. When Project 1 is completed, you start another project. By this time, you can see money starts coming in from Project 1 - after 30 days. When Project 2 is completed and you start Project 3, you then see revenues from both Project 1 and Project 2 after these 60 days. And this works so forth. This means you start earning money after 30 days as compared to multitasking, you don't even smell the money after 90 days. See? Get how it works here?


As I have mentioned before there were 2 visualization sessions by 2 different speakers - Inanna Lawton and Melissa Heweton. Both of them were good, but Inanna's visualization session touched me the most emotionally. This was my first taste of visualization. When the speaker told us to close our eyes and start focusing on our breathing, I felt myself slowly went into meditation level, which were hard for me to achieve all these while previously. I felt myself being calm and started to visualize what was being told by the speaker. I saw a wolf, a medium-sized wolf, running tamely with me, but when the speaker asking us to look into the eyes of the wolf, the image became blur. I can't see clearly the eyes of the wolf. When the session was about to end, we were told to open our eyes, and the speaker continued to show us the presentation slides. There was this last slide, I got so connected emotionally with the wolf on the slide. When I looked into the eyes of the wolf, I felt like crying without knowing why. The stare of the wolf seemed to tell me 'Don't worry, I'm here with you. I know you can do it, just keep going. I'm always here for you'. Imagine the emotion that I felt by just staring at the picture of the wolf and looking into its eyes. I got shocked by this amazing feeling but it's really a meaningful experience for me. It meant so much to me. According to the speaker, wolf is a metaphor for motivation and protection.

Who is Jaz Lai

I have very high expectation on the last day of the event, I thought Stephen will share lots of traffic generation techniques with us in the last day, but turned out not likely. But there was this one young guy, named Jaz Lai, a Singaporean, shared lots of list building methods - cost effective ways of building 5-figure list. Jaz Lai, who is he? I had never heard of him before. But when he started to present, I got so impressed. This ex-fashion designer understood well that where we are coming from, he himself also started from ground. He explained the very reason and objective behind each method he uses to build the list and the step-by-step plan on how to do it. I gained a lot from his merely 2-hour 'rushy' presentation and his presentation slides were so informative that we couldn't finished copied. Jaz is very good teacher indeed. I think when I'm ready to invest for another Internet Marketing course, Jaz Lai will be the one to consider first.

The last day ended unexpectedly early without Stephen Pierce's presentation, sadly to say. Stephen went up to stage and spoke in the interim period between each of the invited speakers. I was expecting to see him presents like other speakers. He did share with us various ways of generating traffic to your website or blog, but I think that's not enough, I want more, and I believe other participants think the same too.

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