Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google Assassin - Do You Need It?

You might be wondering what the big deal is about Google Assassin. Google Assassin - the sequel of Day Job Killer, is a membership site - the latest making money product from Chris McNeeney and Ken X. It was launched on November 20th at 2pm.

This Google Assassin is not just an ebook like Day Job Killer and Project X, but instead Google Assassin is a membership site that have complete affiliate tools and advanced software system.

Probably one the most interesting thing about Google Assassin is the video that shows how Chris made $169,551.01 in just one day!

These are some of the features in Google Assassin:

* Ability to create unlimited money-making websites and ClickBank campaign in minutes
* Powerful keyword tool - automate keyword tracking
* Article Sniper
* Refund rate detection tool
* Powerful Clickbank hot product Alert
* Auto-generate Direct Links / Google Cash campaigns
* Over 10,000 Clickbank products rated, updated everyday
* Campaign kidnap tool
* Complete Adwords Toolkit - the Micro-Nicher
* Tutorial and training for beginners

Chris claimed that by using his tools, you will never ever need to test campaigns. This is very important as we have wasted many of our hard-earned money in the past testing campaigns in new niches.

You should listen to Chris himself in the Google Assassin video.

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