Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to Make Money By Promoting Affiliate Products from Your Blog

If you have a blog of any topic, and you want to make money from it, the best and easiest way to get started is by promoting other's products and earn commissions.

It is different from advertising revenue like Google AdSense or Text-Link-Ads, whereby you can to just slap in some codes and do nothing else.

Affiliate marketing requires lots of pre-selling. But once you have done it properly, you can expect much more income from affiliate products than you can from picky web advertisers.

Here's the technique how you do it:

1. Post a useful product review on your blog

The keyword here is that it must be useful, not just simply any sales pitch. While stressing on the benefits of the product, do not neglect to mention the drawbacks and limitations as well.

People are smart. They know that you are telling them all the good things so that you can make a sale. They know that there must be something that you aren't telling. They will find a way to find out the "negatives" that you aren't telling. So, why don't just tell them everything, but put the negatives in a more positive light and let them decide.

2. Post an Interview with the product owner

Interview the product creator / owner, and put up the MP3 on the blog. Make sure you prepare the content / script before hand when you interview someone.

Mention your affiliate link at the beginning and at the end of the interview - tell people where to get more information on the product. You have to make the URL easy to remember, and don't ever attempt to give out a raw affiliate link during the call. Use a simple page to redirect to your affiliate link.

3. Interlink your articles tactfully

Don't scatter your affiliate links all over your blog -- instead leave them on one or two pages and link all other posts to that page.

Blogging for affiliate income is all about driving traffic to your "money pages", where you spend most of your time writing, preselling the affiliate products.

The common mistake that most people have while promoting affiliate products with blogs -- they copy and paste the promotional emails provided by the product owner into their blogs. By doing so, it serves more like a notice board instead of a useful informative site that people want to come back to.

You need to put in your share of effort by giving good and useful review and tell people what you think about the product. Make sure to promote only the quality products -- in times to come, people will associate your blog or your name with good, quality product. They will be more trustful with the products recommended in the future.

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