Thursday, November 15, 2007

PayPal and Malaysian

PayPal finally accepts Malaysian credit cards!

PayPal was banning Malaysian from using its service due to the high rate of credit card frauds in Malaysia. It was really a great loss for fellow Malaysians.

But now, PayPal starts to open its door to Malaysian. One can register an account with PayPal using a Malaysian address and a Malaysian credit card. Cheers!

PayPal is free and easy to use online fund transfer system. With PayPal, you can easily put up a website to accept money online. It is ideal for personal and small businesses.

Before PayPal starts to accept Malaysian registration, one has to open an online fund processing account with 3rd party merchant account owner like ClickBank, 2CheckOut, PaySystems, in order to be able to accept credit cards online in their websites. The average registration fee of one such account is about US$49. PayPal costs US$0 for one to open an account!

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