Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Help !! I am confused...

I wonder if internet marketing is my cup of tea. When you are too into the technical stuff, you won't do well with the marketing. Being an IT guy, I admit that I don't know much about the marketing stuff and to be frank, I hate marketing.

From my observation, I notice that most of the successful internet marketers do not have IT background. I guess this made them more successful as they don't have to bother too much of the technical stuff as long as they are able to put up a website. They spend most of their time focusing on the marketing and bringing quality traffic.

Marketing.. I learn and learn, force and force but still not able to make myself to love it.

I know there are lots of website portals / marketing tools that are awesome that can bring lots of quality traffic. But honestly, I still can't figure out how to make these services into good use.

For example, MySpace, it's just a social networking site that allows you to know more friends, to grow your social network. How do I promote my business with it? I saw people putting up banners or advertisements on their MySpace page. I personally don't think that it's wise to do so. Website surfers are now smarter and they have seen too much of this promotional ads / banners. Their eyes are trained to ignore it. I think this happens to Google Adsense as well. Nowadays, Google Adsense Click Through Rate are also falling I believe as compared to those days. Surfers learned that they can't get any valuable FREE info from the Adsense ads, their eyes are simply trained to skip those ads.

Another example would be Squidoo lense, I still can't figure out what is it for and how to utilize it to bring quality traffic to my site.

Maybe you the smarter internet marketers out there can drop me a line or two to offer your 2 cents... I would really appreciate it :)


Tze Yong said...
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Tze Yong said...

My few cents worth.

I find that one of the most critical success factor in affiliate marketing is to choose the right merchant and products.

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