Friday, December 14, 2007

Make Money Sending Death Note?

Make Money Sending Death Note?

Are you kidding?

How is that possible?

This is the first reaction that came into my mind when I was told to make money by sending death note.

I was skeptical at first, though I tell myself why not give it a try since I have nothing to lose even if I can't make a single dime by doing so.

I visited the website and created an account. There I was given all the necessary tools to help spreading the death of XXXXX.

I don't expect to earn much since I'm not really putting good effort on spreading the news, but you know what, at the time I'm writing this post, I have made US$8.75 by doing nothing except sending emails to tell people about the news. It's really unbelievable. Though $8.75 is little, but who cares, since it's extra income without doing much of the work!

Here is how to make money by spreading the death note:

1. Register for FREE with this site and update your profile so that they know to whom to pay to.


2. Share the news with your friends, relatives, team members, subscribers and anyone you know.

3. You are paid $0.25 for every single person that you refer to this site that enters their valid email address and creates an account.

4. You are also paid $0.25 for every person on your 2nd tier.


1. This is not some hyped up report to get you to join some other "Downline".

2. There is no 'Up Sell Offer' after you claim the report. In fact, there is NOTHING to buy at all.

3. This report will only be available for a very Limited Time .. Grab it NOW for FREE and share it with anyone you know to make $$$


So, wait no more. ACT NOW to start making money the easiest way.


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