Monday, February 25, 2008

NOT In the Mood To Blog

What to do when you are not in the mood to blog?

1. Read Blogs

I enjoy reading others' blog especially one that's full of remarkable insights like BlogsReview and 5xMom. Don't get me wrong, I don't stalk only money making blogs, I trail personal blogs as well like Esther's .

Don't just read blog without doing any good to your blog. Leave comments on the blogs that you visit. Comments can be positive or negative. Sometimes, I found that negative comments are more moving. These comments push people to react, which in turn is good to get yourself and your site known. Make your comments more constructive instead of critique.

2. Join Forum

Find forums that you are interested in and register as a member. Participate in the forum discussion. Post to the forum using one of these powerful forum post:

a) Ask a question
b) Answer a question
c) Request a critique
d) Make a suggestion
e) Provide an opposing view
f) Agree with a post
g) Provide a link to your YouTube video if you have one
h) Suggest a resource
i) Provide an insider tip
j) Post summary of recent news that is relevant.

The above post ideas are also applicable for comments.

Don't forget to leave a link back to your blog while busy minding others' interest.

3. Watch Online Video

Go to online video website like YouTube, Google Video to search for videos that you are interested in and that your blog readers are interested in. Leave comments that move people. Read why you should leave video comments in my previous post.

4. Join Social Networking Websites

Join online communities that share the same interest and passion. Meet and talk to people online. Do your blog a favor by including a link to your blog in your profile page, let other community members that have the same goals and common interests to checkout your blog. Read how you can promote your blog while socializing online.

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