Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Preview of Fabian Lim's Internet Marketing Bootcamp

I went to Fabian Lim's preview on Internet Marketing Bootcamp in 2008 last night. It is indeed his 14th intake since year 2007.

It was held in Subang Holiday Villa Hotel, from 7pm to 10pm, what a long 3 hours preview!

I notice that his presentation was a bit different from the past, he's now modeling the presentation style of the well-known motivational speaker cum internet marketer, Stephen Pierce. In Stephen Pierce's presentations, you will notice that Stephen will use up almost 70% of his time giving motivational teaching. And remaining 30% on the subject of Internet Marketing . Hey, come on, please be realistic. Audience were attracted to the presentation because they were self-motivated. They know what they want and they know why they were there. They are very well motivated to take action to attend the presentation or preview. I guess there is no need to emphasize any further on the motivational part.

Same case here with Fabian Lim's presentation last night. He used up more than an hour out of the 3-hour preview to motivate, encourage and inspire the audience. I guess everyone in the room was like me, get attracted by the ads and get self-motivated to spend the precious 3 hours to attend the preview. Otherwise they won't be in the room. Therefore, I doubt the need of the speaker / presenter to remind the audience why they were there, do they want to make money online, do they want financial freedom, and etc.

When come to the interest part of the preview, his 5 steps of making lucrative money online, it was really very brief as compared to the lengthy motivational teaching. And then comes the selling part, the 3-day Internet Marketing Bootcamp, which took him an hour to explain and elaborate. This 3-days 'live' Internet Marketing Bootcamp is a 'hands-on', fun-filled and practical internet marketing coaching program designed to take one from a complete internet 'newbie' to an internet entrepreneur armed with the correct knowledge and skills to succeed online. This first intake for the year 2008 has come with new and updated syllabus that revises the past 2-day bootcamp to 3-day bootcamp to encompass more values.

I find out that his bootcamp is more or less the same like Fione Tan's 2-day workshop but it's way way cheaper than Fione Tan's. This 3-day Internet Marketing Bootcamp costs only RM2995 for the first 10 fast action takers, and RM3295 for the late comers. It is less than half the price Fione Tan is charging for her 2-day workshop that comes with 3-month coaching which cost more than RM8000. Besides the difference in price, Fabian Lim's Bootcamp is far more worthy than Fione Tan's workshop from the way I see it, in Fabian Lim's Bootcamp, you get a full 24-month of support and more than 500 products ready to sell plus other bonuses which include 2 free tickets of T. Harv Eker's live seminar in Malaysia that's already worth more than RM2000! Fabian even offered a money-back guarantee in verbal that if within 90 days after the bootcamp you don't make at least USD500, he will refund your investment in full. This is really very attractive and worthy program to sign up as compared to Fione Tan's 3-month coaching that doesn't guarantee a single cent in ROI.

I was very tempted to sign up the Bootcamp last night, but ended up didn't. As I am still paying the credit card debt that incurred for Fione Tan's program that costs me more than RM8000, moreover the syllabus of the bootcamp looks quite similar to Fione's workshop. I guess I will give myself a second thought no doubt it's a very attractive package.


Rice Blogger said...

hey...i was there too....I have signed up to attend it..hopefuly I will get something out of it

yukitee said...

yes arr?? where were you seated? were you among the first 10 fast action takers that entitled for the additional discount and bonuses? wish you all the success in internet marketing...

fashionasia said...

oh u attended fione's classes ah? how was it? always curious about it as she is quite successful in her coaching business....did they really teach u things that work or not?

Rice Blogger said...

it is actually a trick...I think everyone that signed up on that day got the special rate...think about it, if you missed the first 10, they have another session on 7pm, you could attend that and be the first 10 there.

Oh ya, if you could share what is in fione's class, I have interest to know that too

Yukitee said...


yes, fione is very successful in her coaching business, i guess most of her incomes are from this business as compared to her internet business.

fione's course focuses more on selling physical products online as compared to digital products and affiliate marketing.

i've developed a website selling handbags but it's not successful as the shipping costs kill, i even tried to source for dropshipping service but to no avail, reason being most of the dropshippers ship within US and other Europe countries, besides the profit margin is not high and is very competitive.

rice blogger:
yes, i agree, it's all their marketing gimmick.

to be frank with you, we did sign an agreement with fione / to not reveal the course materials prior to attending her course. i'm very sorry for that, but no worries, i will try to share some ideas in my own way. look out for my updates ya. said...

Sounds like a very nice seminar. Is there a white paper of this one? thanks!