Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why You Want to Make Money Online?

Do you know what is the thing that move you to do this? What's your purpose to learn how to make money online?

I once heard from Patric Chan, one of his coaching student told him that the only reason why he wanted to start an online business is so to stay at home with his mum while making money. He loves his mum very much and she is getting older each day. He knows he couldn't do that with his current job that keeps him away from her for at least 8 hours a day. This is a very moving purpose. It is a strong and powerful motivator. He is now making money online and is into it full-time.

What am I trying to tell here?

I am not sure about you, but I can tell you my friend, I nearly forgot the very basic thing in life until I listened to Patric's sharing. A purpose. The ONE reason that drives you to do things that you're doing now, Online Business.

You have to ask yourself why do you choose to accumulate your wealth online. You must have a good stimulant to keep you on track. Without a purpose, you can't go far.

Each time you face obstacles and feel giving up, just think of your purpose. It strengthen you to fight back whatever challenge that comes along your way.

An excellent quote from Patric Chan:

"You need to have a compelling reason to be successful online"

I am now scratching my head to figure out what's the very reason back in my mind that moves me into making money online. I want to be rich undeniably, I want to decide what time to wake up in the morning, I don't want to answer to anybody, I want to flight my own plane, I want to be at home with my kids while making a living, and the list goes on...

So, how about you? What's your purpose? Is your reason / purpose compelling enough to keep you going?


BobbyT said...

Would financial freedom be a strong enough reason?

At least it is still keeping me going now, nearly 1 month and counting...

what is your experience with peter chan? i am subscribed to his newsletter too, but i am not following him too closely at this moment...

Yukitee said...

financial freedom is too general, you must ask yourself why do you want to achieve financial freedom. try to be more specific, and if possible think of one that touch you emotionally, like i want my parents to retire early, i couldn't see them struggling for money.

when you are emotionally motivated, you won't give up so easily.

i don't have much personal experience with patric chan, though i've attended few other seminars where he's one of the speaker.

my impression of him is that he's a very down to earth guy. he speaks from his heart, you can almost feel his honesty by just reading his blog. the kind of sharing that you couldn't find other where else, you will be amazed by his honest sharing.