Thursday, May 15, 2008

Google Adsense Click Report Does Not Correspond to MyBlogLog Statistic Report

Why sweat the small stuff as the my earning from Google Adsense is not significant yet, this is what I tell myself every time I compare the Google Adsense Click Report / Advanced Report with the statistics provided by MyBlogLog.

I am not sure whether there are people out there experiencing the same thing. The difference is quite a lot sometimes. There is even a case whereby MyBlogLog shows 9 clicks in a day, but Google Adsense Click Report shows only 5 clicks. Sometimes, clicks shown in MyBlogLog are not shown in Google Adsense Report at all! I admit that this is very disheartening. I have once given up my faith in Google Adsense.

If you guys are experiencing the same thing, mind sharing with me what makes this huge difference and what shall I do to clear up the air?


Ian Kennedy said...

MyBlogLog counts the number of clicks. Google counts the number of clicks that they will pay you for.

MyBlogLog Product Guy

Admin said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the helpful info. But the huge difference between MyBlogLog clicks and Adsense clicks make me feel that Google Adsense is cheating, it is real frus...

lankapo said...

i do use mybloglog to compare adsense click, but mybloglog is not real time compare to adsense.

It is delay by 24 hours unless you pay then it will be real time