Thursday, May 1, 2008

Malaysian Are Now Accepted By ClickBank!

ClickBank - Internet's largest digital marketplace has accepted Malaysian sellers and affiliates.

Prior to this, Malaysians are not allowed to join ClickBank marketplace as Malaysia is not in the list of approved countries. I still remembered how myself and other Malaysian internet marketers dealt with this disadvantage -

We registered a Virtual Office in Singapore and opened a Singapore Bank account. With a Singapore address (virtual office address), we were able to register with ClickBank as a Singapore seller. Though this counteract the disadvantage that ClickBank has put up towards Malaysian, it was indeed wearisome. You have to make a trip to Singapore to open a bank account with DBS with minimum amount of S$300. On top of that, you need to arrange to have the Virtual Office operator forwards all the correspondences to your Malaysia local address in order for you to respond timely should there be any action required.

But now, we can forget about all these nuisance. ClickBank has now accepted and added Malaysian into their list of approved sellers and affiliates. I am sure this good news will definitely make many Malaysia bloggers and internet marketers happy and excited.

For those who are new to selling digital product on the internet, be it ebook, membership sites or subscriptions, ClickBank is one of the many options available for you to market your products online with payment gateway ready. The other option available for Malaysian internet marketers is 2CheckOut. But ClickBank has one plus point over 2CheckOut - ClickBank is equipped with affiliate setup. If you sell your product on ClickBank, you can utilize their affiliate system to get many resellers / marketers to promote for your product.

To start selling product on ClickBank, you need to send a request to ClickBank to review your website and your product. When your product / website is approved and accepted by ClickBank, you are required to pay a one-time setup fee of US$49.95. After which, your product will be listed in their website and get noticed by over 100,000 affiliates in the ClickBank network. You are limited to sell 5 products with one ClickBank account, however you can setup as many accounts with ClickBank as you wish, but each account costs you US$49.95

When your product / website is approved and accepted by ClickBank, you can incorporate their credit card payment processor into your website to make payment via credit cards easier for your customers.

To learn more about how you can start Selling on ClickBank, find out the information on ClickBank - Sell Products page.

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Rodger said...

Slowly, the world evolves. I'm happy for my Malaysian online friends who now have easier access to the Internet marketplace.

It is hard to build community when you feel that you are not permitted to be part of the community.