Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Get the MOST from Social Bookmarking

Here are some methods that you can employ to make social bookmarking work for you. Many of them focus on how to organize your information so that your website shows up in more and more search resualts.

1. When you create a blog post, make sure that the keyword phrase stays as close to the beginning of the post as possible. When you bookmark the post, use the title of the post and tag the keyword as well. This is great for search engine results.

2. Stay active on the social bookmarking website and bookmark every post. Social bookmarks are baits for the search engines.

3. Social bookmarking leads to more people reading your blog post and over time it creates additional credibility for you. This also do wonders in creating repeat traffic, referrals, sales, newsletter signups, activities on your website such as comments etc.

4. Interaction is most important in social bookmarking. Links back to websites rely on being bookmarked and getting read. Add videos, audios, RSS feeds to get more interaction on your website.

5. Content is the KING when comes to generating traffic. The content of your website must be good, you must ensure that you get quality links as well, because the links that you receive on your website must be from reliable sources and have to be relevant to your content.

6. Having good content is the fact that search engine spiders crawl good websites. Increasingly, social bookmarking websites are becoming a favorite of search engines. This is because there is a human element to social bookmarking. People are actively involved in organizing and tagging their favorites.

7. When using social bookmarking, it is important that you improve your search ranking. Get as many people (ideally those with similar interests) to bookmark your website. The best way to encourage repeat traffic is to provide great content and make it eacy for people to bookmark your website.

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