Friday, September 4, 2009

Tips on Promoting Affiliate Products: Dos and Don'ts

Everyone should know by now that promoting affiliate products is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. However, you need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and skills in order to stay in the affiliate marketing game. This can prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes and fall into the pitfalls, but not making any money. Here are the Dos and Don'ts when promoting affiliate products to keep you on the right track.

1. Search for good quality affiliate product that can convince you to buy it yourself.
If you are not convinced, then how are you going to persuade others to buy?
You will find it a lot easier to promote products that can offer significant benefits to the buyers.

2. Promote product, which you feel passionate about instead of popularity.

3. Make use of the data, information and statistics provided by the vendors on their Sales page. These include author’s background, statistics of the problem to be solved, solution available, product benefits, customer testimonial, and the offer.

4. You need to test your affiliate HopLinks regularly to make sure they are working accordingly.

5. Utilize the marketing tools provided by the vendors in the affiliate member area. Make good use of the keywords, banner, email copy, etc to help promoting the affiliate product. At the same time, try to learn other online marketing methods to maximize the exposure of your affiliate products.

6. Be flexible about your techniques, and be willing to make changes if something isn’t working. Different techniques work for different types of products, so what worked for you in the past may not work in the future. The business of affiliate marketing changes very quickly, so you always need to be ready to adjust to market trends, new products, and other unforeseen circumstances.

7. Keep your HopLinks in a file for easy reference. You may want to keep a simple not to help identify the product of the HopLink.

8. Use an inoffensive affiliate nickname, as it will be visible to your potential customer.


1. Don’t Spam.
Spamming does you nothing except to get banned by the Affiliate Marketer Contract.

2. Don’t use “negative” advertising campaigns.
While some affiliates think it’s a good idea to create ads like “Is Product X a scam?” and then link to the product. Many vendors are opposed to people associating their product with being a scam. It’s better to highlight the benefits of a product right off the bat, instead of introducing fear about a product and then trying to sell a customer on the product anyway.

3. Don’t think that you must buy the product before you can promote it.
You’re not required to buy the product in order to promote it. However, by owning and using the product itself can sometimes lead to new ideas on how to promote the product.

4. Don’t offer cash bonus or cash equivalents (such as gift cards) for customers that purchase through your HopLink.
This normally baned by the Affilliate Marketer Contract. However, you can offer other types of bonuses like additional ebooks or related products, to encourage customers to buy through your HopLink.

5. Don’t expect high traffic with free promotional techniques.
While free promotional methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media can eventually lead to lots of traffic, beginner affiliates will likely not drive much traffic from these methods until they’ve had time to build up their efforts, reputation, and search engine rankings.

6. Don’t mask or store your HopLink in a frame. For your HopLinks to be properly tracked, they must not be stored in a frame. If your domain is masked, your HopLink will be stored in this manner, and therefore will be unreliable.

Don’t promote the “resolved” form of a HopLink. An example of this would be Instead, you must use the HopLink format ending in so the Hop can be tracked correctly, ensuring you receive affiliate credit on the sale.

7. Don’t use your password as a Tracking ID. If you choose to include a Tracking ID on your HopLink, it is visible to anyone who clicks your HopLink, as is your account nickname. Having both of these pieces of information visible to others may invite unauthorized access to your account.

8. Don’t be overly concerned with picking a “perfect” ClickBank nickname. Your advertising efforts are what really count, not the nickname you use.