Thursday, August 16, 2007

World Internet Summit 2006 - Part I

This is the first paid seminar I ever attended way back in year 2006. It is an Internet Marketing seminar where all the internet marketing gurus gathered around to share their success stories and how we, the future netpreneurs can learn from their mistakes and 'steal' their secret of success.

WIS KL was held on November 2006 in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Malaysia. It was a 4-day seminar, from 17 Nov to 20 Nov, 9am to 7pm. The speakers invited were Stephen Pierce, David Cavanagh, Wille Crawford, Rick Raddatz, John Childers, Adrew & Daryl Grant, Singaporean gurus include Ewen Chia & Jo han Mok, homegrown guru - Patric Chan and the founders of WIS - Tom Hua & Brett McFall.

We also had a special guest keynote speaker via video - Jay Abraham. Jay Abraham is without doubt the world's most renowned marketing genius. Acknowledged around the globe as the most distinctive authority in the area of optimal business performance and in the maximizing and multiplying of business assets. His hallmark is creating breakthrough ideas and concepts in the four major areas of solid business performance:
- Strategy
- Innovation
- Marketing, and
- Management

Stephen Pierce - he knows how to get massive results... QUIKLY. He was once broke and homeless, sleeping under a bridge. He was also shot and the bullet is still resides in his leg. He shares his latest strategies for finding and tapping into hot markets. Stephen talked about mindset and attitude too, which he thinks will have a big impact to our online success. Having the right mindset and attitude will pull us and our business in 1 same direction.

David Cavanagh - the guy the master internet marketers call on when they want to know what's hot on the net, and what's not. David runs a very successful online internet coaching and mentoring program with students ranging from 15 to 71 years of age from 9 different countries. He showed us new tips and business ideas... new ways to look at marketing on the internet... tools we've never heard of...

Frontpage video tutorial by David Cavanagh:

Willie Crawford - a corporate president, published author, seminar speaker, retired military officer, karate black belt, network marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shared how to find highly profitable, but overlooked niches. He also showed us how to verify that these market are profitable before investing time and resources in them. He shared the 12 ways to generate an income online in any niche that we choose.

Rick Raddatz - a multi-millianaire at age 28, but by the age 32, he found himself not only broke - but over US$100,000 in debt. Now at age 38, he has s thriving internet company, a net worth over US$10 million. Rick shared how he becomes what he is today, and how we can do it too giving the situation we are in, which is way way better than his at the age 32.

John Childers - shared the greatest skill we will ever need in any business or economy - being able to use your words. John showed how to transform what we already know into persuasive speeches, how to avoid the biggest mistakes most public speakers make, how inspire your audiences to jump out of their seats and rush to your product table and much more.

To be continue .....

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