Friday, August 17, 2007

World Internet Summit 2006 - Part II

Other renowned world class speakers in World Internet Summit 2006, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are:

Andrew & Daryl Grant - amazing "underground" internet marketing couple, silently making a fortune from home. They showed the step-by-step how they make money while they sleep, how they guarantee each project is going to be a winner before they even start, how they do this with no staff, without taking any orders, without warehousing.....

Ewen Chia - world #1 super affiliate. He is the ONE person who can teach you to make fortune online from other people's products without a website, product or list. During this 4-day seminar, he shared his proprietary super affiliate system that allow anybody to generate huge affiliate cash windfalls at a push of a button, simply by giving away free products available everywhere.

Jo Han Mok - starting out from his bedroom in Boston, he used Internet to turn himself from a struggling college kid into a millionaire at the age of 26. He specializes in helping little guys succeed by using unorthodox, street smart internet marketing strategies that cost practically next to nothing to implement. He shared what it takes to get people to say "Yes sir, no sir, here's my credit card number, sir", how to double, triple and even quadruple our income while having more time off, and much much more.

Patric Chan - our homegrown internet marketing expert and infopreneur who specialized in high profit, low cost online marketing strategies. At the age of 24 he is one of those rare infopreneurs in Malaysia that has achieved many extraordinary results - and does it all from his home. Patric revealed how to decide what kind of products to offer online, his simple secret that anyone can use to make money online. He also shared his little-known strategy for getting other websites to promote you without it costing you any money... plus so much more

Tom Hua - as one of the true pioneers in the internet marketing industry. Tom operates his amazing global internet businesses from Melbourne Australia and shares his unique strategies, proven by his own hands-own experience, for building personal wealth by leveraging the power of the internet.
In this 4-day seminar, he taught us how to put our website together step-by-step and as simple as 1-2-3. He also revealed the core formula that every successful website is based on and the most powerful traffic generating secret that he (and almost every other big player) has used to become a top gun in his field.

Brett McFall - widely regarded as Australia's best sales letter writer. He is an expert in making your website sell no matter what product or service. He's the creator of the super-easy BURPIES copywriting formula and top-selling software that helps to write powerful sales letter in just 30 minutes. Brett shares with us the "magic keys" to creating massive income using the internet. He also shared his "killer" copywriting skills by using BURPIES formula:
B - Big promise
U - Use imagination
R - Rarity
P - Points
I - Irresistible offer
E - Evidence
S - Sign off

This amazing 4-day internet marketing seminar has opened my eyes to the potential opportunity of doing business online. At the end of each presentation by the speaker, they (the speakers) will offer their internet marketing coaching or mentoring program or so-called online marketing turnkey system package that ease you through the aching process of building business online. Each internet marketing program or package has its own uniqueness and specialty, it really depends on which online business model you wish to build.

After careful study, analyze and comparing, I have signed up Ewen Chia's internet marketing package, which is called 'Guaranteed Internet Profits' package. With this package, I have a turnkey website set up for 1 product completes with sales letter and online payment processor. The package also includes a lifetime hosting account, lifetime auto-responder, a bunch of public domain products that we can use without infringing the copyright law. There is also a bunch of private label rights products for me to use and generate more income by setting up more website selling this private label rights and rip 100% of the profits by just selling other people's products... plus so much more

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