Friday, August 17, 2007

World Internet Mega Summit Singapore May 2007 - Part I

This was the world's biggest internet business event, that is why it is called World Internet Mega Summit. It was held in Singapore Expo from 26 May to 29 May 2007. There are many world class speakers invited to share with us their valuable knowledge and experiences. These including Jay Abraham, Mark Joyner, Stephen Pierce, Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime, John Childers, and not to forget the co-founders of World Internet Summit - Tom Hua and Brett Mc Fall.

Jay Abraham
Jay Abraham - to me, he is the most expensive speaker and consultant in the business world. He is acknowledged around the globe as the most distinctive authority in the area of optimal business performance and in the maximizing and multiplying of business assets. His hallmark is creating breakthrough ideas and concepts in the four major areas of solid business performance:
- Strategy
- Innovation
- Marketing
- Management

His vast business perspective makes him a remarkable "problem-solver" even when confronted with the most challenging and complex situations. And this is the first time Jay reveal how to apply the same to Internet business.

Jay Abraham interviewed by Brett Mc Fall:

Mark Joyner
Mark is widely recognised as one of the early pioneers on Internet Marketing and is responsible for introducing many of the technologies and tactics we used on the internet today. His presentation was unforgetable. This is the first time I learned about Mark, and undeniable, I learned alot from him:

The most common mistakes to avoid for success in the Internet business:
1. Bribe
2. Trick
3. Fake
4. Pollute - Example: Peopel search for Huggies Diapers, but the sponsored link results showing Watches
5. Steal, be it ideas or traffic
6. Turn up the volumn

The unbreakable Rules for Success in the Internet Marketing:
1. The only protection for your idea is SPEED
3. The way to be buzzworthy for your business is through EXCELLENCE
4. There is but one thing to excel in and that is GETTING THE CUSTOMER WHAT HE WANTS
5. The beginning of buzz doesn't just happen - you MAKE IT HAPPEN
6. INTEGRATION MARKETING is the world's most powerful make-it-happen force
7. Only people, products and companies that practise UNIFYING SOCIAL DYNAMICS will survive

Mark Joyner interviewed by Tom Hua, the co-founder of World Internet Summit:

Stephen Pierce
He knows how to get massive results ... QUICKLY. Stephen was not only teaching us his latest strategies for finding and tapping into hot markets, he works on our mind and attitude too. He always believes that we and our businesses should be pulled in 1 same direction. He presented the World Internet Live Challenge to generate US$100 000 for charity in 3 1/2 days.

Here is how he did it:
1. Create an opt-in page / squeeze page for subscribers to get a free report
2. After opt-in, show them the Campaign, the Donate US$30 for Charity page
3. Whether or not they make a donation, ask them to refer 5 friends to visit the opt-in page
4. Follow-up emails to the list, to those who have donated and those who have not, ask for more donations with more options ie. US$8, US$24, US$56, US$128 and etc. This is to move people, make them take action immediately.

The above are Stephen's sure-fire Internet Marketing Strategies that he has to share with us:
1 - list building with landing page
2 - Sales letter
3 - Viral marketing
4 - Downsell / Upsell

This is the video of a previous WIS participant - Tracy, who gave live testimonial on how the info-packed seminar (WIS) changed her life.

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