Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forex vs. Adsense

(Roll eyes) Forex vs. Adsense? You must be wondering what does Forex have to do with Adsense.

Yes, I can tell you, Forex has everything to do with Adsense. Forex and Adsense have the very thing in common. They make you money while you sleep.

Out of curiosity and the influence from my hubby, i opened a Forex demo account 2 days ago. You know what, within 2 days or 2 nights rather, I've made USD490 without me having to do much of the work as opposed to Adsense. Imagine the amount of money I made in just 2 short nights. How much would I be making in a month if say I make averagely USD100 per day in Forex. That's USD2000 for 20 days of trading! That's equivalent to 6,200 in Malaysia Ringgit! I start to day dreaming what I could do with this amount of money (*blink*blink*)

OK, enough of day dreaming, now back to reality and the topic of today. I'm not sure about you, but for myself, honestly, after few months of blogging to make money with Adsense, do you know how much I've earned from Adsense? USD11.56 out of 4 blogs! How pathetic is that! I made ONLY USD11.56 from Adsense in 6 months time! Seeing this progress, I wonder how and when could I quit my JOB (Just Over Broke) and start living my dream life.

I couldn't stop myself from thinking: Is Internet Marketing my cup of tea? Is it for ME? Does it worth my effort all this while to make this pathetic amount? Shall I still continue with Internet Marketing? You tell me.

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