Friday, February 29, 2008

How To Prevent Your Blog From Getting Chicken Pox?

How can a blog relate to chicken pox, you ask. Imagine what would happen if you are having chicken pox. People stay away from you. Your colleagues or even your Boss would ask you to stay longer at home. Your social activities drop.

If your blog is getting lower traffic each day and your subscribers are leaving every single day. You can tell that you blog is sick. She is weakening and is about to catch chicken pox. Everybody starts to abandon her.

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening to your blog? How do you at least maintain your web traffic if not increasing it? How to get your visitors or readers to come back for more?

Here are what you can do to keep your blog strong and healthy:

1. Update frequently with fresh content

Update your blog at least 2 times a week with fresh content. Make your content interesting and appealing to your readers. Understand who your readers are and find out what they would be interested in. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you like to read or find out from a blog in your niche.

2. Personal touch

Give a personal touch to your blog posts. Your writing doesn't have to be formal, some minor grammar mistakes can still be tolerable. Write as you speak. What readers want is your voice, your insight. They want to know that you are a real person behind the blog and that they are listening to a real person, not computer.

3. Be honest and truthful

Don't be afraid to admit your mistake. Human makes mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. It is okay to make mistake, but you must have the gut to confess. Your readers will forgive you if it is reasonable. If you are newbie, tell upfront, don't try to portray as an expert. People can tell from your writing. That is nothing wrong being a newbie. Be honest, it can make you and your blog more trustworthy. People will come back or even recommend your blog to others.

4. Respond to your readers

Make it a habit to reply your readers' comments. Show them you care what they have to say. Connect with your readers, befriend with them, after all blogosphere is a social network by itself. You have to communicate and interact with your readers to build relationship.

5. Invite participation

You can create activities for your blog by starting a poll or survey. Or simply post a question at the end of your blog post. Encourage your readers to contribute their point of view and their belief on the topic that you are discussing. Get them involved in your blog, make them part of your blog.

6. Be yourself

Simple, just be yourself. Tell your story and share your very own insights and belief. Do not try to imitate someone else. People can "smell" it. Further more, you can't go far by imitating others.

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